When they say you can’t…

cant-hookOne word in the English language makes me cringe more than most others, it’s the word “cant.”   It limits your ability and keeps you bound to where you are at.  The “can’t” mentality will hold you to where you are and prevent you from going where you really want to be.

This is true in every area of your life.  If you truly believe that you cannot do something, then you are right.  If you look for reasons for why something is NOT possible, then you will find multiple reasons to substantiate your belief.

There is a tool used by loggers called a “Cant Hook.”  It is a necessary tool for moving logs when they are too heavy to roll.  Loggers don’t want to hit the dirt with their chain saws, and the cant hook is a sturdy tool that moves the log so the cut can be made without hitting the dirt, and dulling the chain.  Basically this device comes into play when the loggers cannot physically roll the log without assistance.  It helps them when they simply “can’t.”

What do you do when you feel like you can’t do something?  When something seems impossible, difficult, or daunting do you make excuses or do you look for possibilities?

The first thing you should do is to discard the word “can’t’ and replace it with something like “possible” or “can.”

The language we use and our terminology will affect the outcome of any situation.  So refuse to consider limitations in your mind and live with the freedom you were intended to have.  Great things have been accomplished when people had a vision and didn’t allow themselves to be tricked into looking for reasons to quit.  They pressed on and dealt with the obstacles as they came up, not allowing themselves give in and cave under pressure.

When the pressure to quit is increasingly strong, then grab a can’t hook and eliminate the idea of “can’t”, because you absolutely CAN if you persist and are strong mentally.  It is simply a matter of deciding if you want to put forth the effort and not give up on something that is important to you.

Be of a courageous mind and refuse to give up an walk away in defeat.  We always have a choice in how we view things and  it’s a choice only we can make. Either focus on why you can or why your cant, it’s up to you.  You can win and you can achieve if you believe and act accordingly.  So always look for whey you CAN in every situation and you will reap exactly what you set out to do.

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