No Limits

limitsHow many times have we put limits on ourselves?  We probably do it every day without realizing it.  People put barriers on themselves and will never rise above the limits that are self-imposed.  And they truly are self-imposed.

Remembering the 2012 Olympics in London, there were incredible performances and records broken.  Dreams realized for some, and hopes of others, shattered.   These athletes only get a shot every 4 years and are competing against the top performers in the world.  Years or grueling training and just about every area of their lives are managed in light of their upcoming competition.  Diet, leisure, rest, social interaction, exercise, weight, conditioning, and their schedule are subject to how it will prepare them to be at their peak level at the time of the event.

The event that impressed me the most was the Women’s 400 relay.  Team USA had some setbacks and disappointments in years past as a team and personally.  Obviously they were all top athletes capable of competing at this level.  In reality, all who qualify for the Olympics have the ability to win.  But occasionally individuals, whether competing as a team or individually, rise to the occasion and really seize the moment.  Some squeak by and others are clearly superior to the competition.

The Unites States Women’s 400 Relay team was poised to be competitive in this event and many thought they could win.  However, in these events there a lot of things that can go wrong and the difference between winning and not winning is razor thin.

Most events are won or lost before they begin and it goes beyond physical conditioning.  The deciding factor many times is the belief system and the mental training.  I’m sure it’s intimidating to line up against the best in the world in the same event all trying to win.  There are always challenges when hanging off the baton too, and many teams have forfeited by handing off to slow, too fast or dropping it.

As the race began, the US got off to a good start in the first leg and were very much in contention, next Allyson Felix pulled away from the pack with blazing speed, in the third leg the lead was maintained, but the fourth leg was run by Carmelita Jeter, who absolutely destroyed the competition.  There was a point when she knew that they had a good chance to break the record and she ran with blazing speed the entire leg with every intention of not only victory but breaking the record.  As she crossed the finish line, she pointed to the clock, realizing that they had beaten the record.  That record was set in 1985 by the German team and was obliterated by over half a second (which is HUGE in the 400).  Teamwork, belief, and determination prevailed as they broke a barrier and refused to be subject to limits whether self-imposed or from others.  They seized the moment and realized their dreams and came out victorious.

It inspires me to see athletes rise to the occasion and claim victory (especially is they are from the United States).  Those girls deserve those medals but even more, they are now part of history in the record books.

May you days be filled with victory and excitement as you remove the limitations you have put on yourself.  Refuse to settle, but claim what is yours and be the victor you have always dreamed of becoming by daring to dream big and see it through to the finish line.

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