Just the facts ma’am

joe fridayAs a sales professional it is critical that you stick to the facts and behave in an ethical and honest manner.  How many times have you heard a politician distort facts or leave out a crucial statistic?  It makes me sick.   In the long run they only hurt themselves.  Compromising in this area will cost you dearly.  The price?  Integrity, value, self-worth, credibility, and a litany of other characteristics that make you an asset.

Don’t you want to be able to look yourself in the mirror and like what you see?  I’ve said many times that you cannot take short cuts when it comes to selling or genuine success.  This includes a moral code that cannot be broken.  And it doesn’t matter if anyone ever finds out, you will know.

Your personal integrity is one of the most valuable things you can acquire.  You cannot buy it because it is earned over time.  Yet, how easily some just give it away and concede something that is priceless.  How you do things and the core of your being are important.  I want my children to be proud of who I am and what I stand for.  When I’m gone I want people to remember me for someone who stood for something important and can be an example for others.

Recently I heard a politician talk about something in which he was endeavoring to paint a picture for people about an issue.  He used a particular fact in which to make his case.  The sad part is that he left out three other facts that paint an entirely differently picture that the one lone fact he used to make his case.  My question to you is this:  Is your agenda more important that selling out your integrity?  If you were to gain the whole world but lose your soul, then you have lost everything.  If by your actions you alienate those most important to you then you have lost.

Integrity is one of those priceless things that cannot be purchased like talented players at the trade deadline.  Maybe some never have it.  Those great qualities that men like our founding fathers are not easily earned but can be lost so quickly.  Once it’s gone it is difficult to get it back if not impossible.

The point of my rant is this:  In all of your interactions, handle them like they are the most important events in your life and consider how you will think about it years from now.  Keep your integrity close to your heart and treasure it.  Don’t be like a cheap politician with an agenda, you are better than that.  Be someone of substance and character.  Be someone your mother would be proud of.

Stick to the facts in a balanced manner.  What I mean by that is that when you are revealing an idea, concept or solution, give the whole picture, stick to the facts, and do not leave our crucial information.  Retain your integrity.  Live on a higher plain and let the quality of your life be seen by all.  It will pay off for you one hundred fold.


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