Sand in the machinery of life


Many years ago I heard the phrase, “Fear is sand in the machinery of life.” It destroys, it impedes, it prevents us from being the kind of people we want to be. Another definition is, FEAR; False Evidence Appearing Real. When we buy into fear, we claim for ourselves a reality that is not necessarily a destiny that has to happen. In other words, we are the ones who shape and determine what will happen to us.

When we allow fear to control us, we get the opposite of what we desire to have. It may begin in a subtle way, maybe a word from a friend, co-worker, a television commercial; and may directly or indirectly affect our thinking. Like in a garden, we must weed these thoughts out and get rid of them. Don’t learn to deal with them, just pull them out and dispose of them. If they cannot help us get to where we wish to go, then take them out with the trash.

Can you imagine adding a spoonful of sand in with your next oil change? Your engine wouldn’t run very long and then it would be followed by an expensive repair. The engine would be ruined and need to be replaced because it would cease the engine. That’s why fear must be rooted out of our thinking. We are surrounded by it at times and to me it is extremely distasteful and disgusting. Fear has been used on me numerous times, and a few times in my past I have made decisions based on the negative emotion. However, now I am more adept at recognizing it and heading it off at the pass before it festers into a wrong decision.

The exception would be something like – if you got a letter from the IRS, and you had to act now, you might get a little rush of adrenaline, and then developed a plan of action. Even then, you turn the initially negative emotion into something useful by taking POSITIVE action.

The opposite of fear is: Confidence, Bravery, Courage, Faith, and the active pursuit of a worthy endeavor. The natural, human message of fear is to get prepared to act. Like if we see a bear in the woods – RUN! You decide and act. Or if you see a shark in the ocean while surfing – get to land NOW! The point is to act in a positive way. But when people try to get me to do something by using fear in a negative way, then I have some sign language I would like to send their way. Something like: We had better get this result in one week – Or Else!

The mind set is to direct our thinking in a positive way and therefore control what we want and how we will get there in a positive way. In business, for someone to say that; so far this month you are below where your projected results should be is ludicrous. Nice, Captain obvious. Tell me something I don’t know. And then tell me that investors are closely monitoring my results is again painfully obvious. I believe it takes maturity to be able to constructively evaluate in a state of flux, glean from the situation, change what needs to change and develop a solid plan based on something positive and not fear of failure. I have no place in my life for that and won’t tolerate and neither should you.

So, focus on what is good and right in your life, and move toward that which is positive. Make decisions because they are going to take you in a direction in which you want to go and not because you are afraid of negative consequences and “OMG what will happen if????”

You are the keeper of your thoughts and therefore your destiny. Keep your life in check by keeping your thoughts well arranged and lined up with the goals and desires you have in life and let NO ONE steal your peace by introducing fear. Keep positive and keep on truckin’.

Ignite your passion!

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