No guts, no glory!

When mohammed_aliI was younger I was discussing business pursuits with an elderly English gentleman.  I very much appreciated his direct and humorous way of looking at things as well as the experience he had in life. As we were talking about how to tackle something seemingly beyond your reach, I said “No guts, no glory”, he responded with the English version which is, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” He then proceeded to tell me several examples of how he and others reaped tremendous rewards by taking some calculated risks and having the courage to pursue their dreams.

I know many people who had a vision for what they wanted to achieve and allowed nothing to stop them from their dream. One person in particular referred to nay-sayers as “dreamstealers.” Not sure if he came up with that phrase on his own, but he sure lived that way. I watched him field criticism and take shots. He had to let it run off his back and move on.

What others think of us affects individuals differently.  Some are impacted by the words of a stranger or co-worker more that those who are close to them.  Approval is important to some personality types, which can eventually shape and mold them. How about positive affirmations and praise by peers?  Why are some people affected by others so much? Truth be told, we all like to be well thought of and respected and liked. But in the end, what does it really matter what someone else thinks of us?  So what if were embarrassed in front of someone we may never see again. Why do we emphasize it so much and magnify it bigger than it has to be or really is?

When you have are truly confident you won’t be rattled about by opinions of others and will stay focused on your goal.

  • Your inner peace: For many, inner peace is a spiritual strength that comes from their personal faith. Peace is a sense of rest, inner quietness, and a lack of strife internally. This comes when we resolve internal conflicts and live up to the moral and ethical standard we’ve held ourselves to. It means we are comfortable with ourselves and are growing into the person we wish to become.
  • Inner confidence: This comes from a belief in ourselves and our ability as well as a respect and the esteem that goes along with it. It doesn’t include someone who isn’t adept in a area and fakes it until he makes it. It won’t include those who are cocky or brag. You have seen these people, they are able, competent, willing to put in some effort and expect to succeed. They are determined to win, and prepare to do so. They love themselves, yet know their limitations. Most of all they believe in themselves and the task they have set at hand.
  • Know who you are: Have you really sat down and thought about who you are? What kind of person are you? Somewhere, whether conscious or unconscious, we have a belief about who we are and It may not all be good.That’s why we need to figure it out. Truthfully, we have the ability to make that decision for ourselves. Its not a hand that is dealt to us that we are tied to. We shape and decide who we are and who we will become. When we get off course, get back on and align ourselves with that vision.

The biggest obstacles are the ones that we allow to stay in our way in preventing us from where we wish to be. We need to have the courage along with our vision and pursue our dreams no matter what others will say or think. Who cares anyway? Have the character to do what others are not willing to do and realize our dreams. Only you can do this for yourself, so make it happen every day.

Respect the Torch!

2 thoughts on “No guts, no glory!

  1. I agree. One thing to think about when you try to decide who you are. Instead of being only focused on yourself think about who you are in relation to others. Remember that winning is not about standing over a knocked out foe, its about building win-win relationships that makes both of you stronger. Otherwise, when you turn your back, the foe bets up and puts something in it.

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