Control what you can, one great rule…

shoeSome things are within our control, and yet others are beyond our ability to control. Personally, I am a firm believer that there is always something we can do to influence an outcome. We can prepare, plan, strategize, train, visualize, map out, and involve people who can help us get to where we want to be. And then there is the element beyond our control which involves others and their freewill.

One of the greatest freedoms we have is the ability to freely think, speak, and decide for ourselves. It is a God given right. This is, of course, within the confines of some basic morals common to all people. But nevertheless we have the power to decide. When trying to influence or persuade someone, it is imperative that we go about it the right way. What I mean by that is we should always endeavor to be objective and not have a self serving attitude.When this is our motive we will get a better and more equitable result all the way around. It is when people use power and money to serve themselves that they take short cuts and harm others and eventually themselves.

All of us at times persuade others on our ideas. Each of us has opinions based on what we have been exposed to and genuinely believe. Sometimes we try and sell our ideas to others. Other times family members may invite us to their home for the holidays and give reasons why we should go and what we will get out of it and how others will be affected if we choose not to attend. Let’s face it, we all persuade people at various times. We are all salesman.

The main key here is that all too often we have one point of view and don’t take the time to put ourselves in the other shoes. It’s when we do this that we will truly understand how the person across from you really feels. Before we can put on someone else’s shoes, we must first take off our own shoes. This gives us the privilege to be in their world and realize how something will affect them. See it from their point of view.

Some questions we may want to ask:

  • How will this affect them?
  • How would I react if I was them?
  • What will this mean a year from now?
  • Do I have their best interest or is it just my opinion of their interest?
  • Why would they want to go along with this?
  • Why should they care?
  • What is in it for them?
  • In the end, it is worth it?

These questions are generic, but they may help you see things from their point of view. The great key here is that we should endeavor to persuade from their vantage point. You cannot control what they will do, but if we put the time in, we will have a better shot at conveying to them, in terms they can relate to, how an idea or concept can benefit them. In sales, take the time to see a prospect or customer using the solution we proposed to them and how it will improve their situation. This will give you a better shot at effectively communicating in terms they relate to. So control what you can and don’t leave the rest to chance. Put on their shoes and walk around a little bit.

Ignite your passion.

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